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           There will be a lot of changes in the Child Nutrition Program this year, all meant to help improve the nutritional health of your child.  Please support your school as these changes go into effect.  The number of personnel we are allowed to have in the program is based on the number of meals we serve in the cafeteria, so lack of participation can mean the loss of a job for someone!  Your help and child's participation in the breakfast and lunch programs is VERY appreciated.  

     Please remember, it may be necessary for me to change a menu or an item on the menu because of USDA commodities that come in or the availability of an item, so check often to make sure the menu is the same.  Also remember that all meals include assorted milk and breakfast also includes assorted fruit juice.   Remember to eat healthy to be healthy!

Adelle Baugh, SNA Certified

ServSafe Certified 

JIS Cafeteria Manager